12 07, 2016

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Quitting Tobacco Use!


Ready to quit? Tired of the smell, the expense, the stains on your teeth, etc.?      To help nudge you in that direction…here are some of the amazing health benefits you’ll realize once you quit. Within 20 minutes, your heart rate begins to drop back toward its normal level. After 2 hours your heart rate and blood pressure will be close to normal levels again. Within as few as 12 hours carbon monoxide in your body decreases to lower levels The risk of coronary artery disease is 70% higher for smokers than non-smokers. After 1 day of quitting, your risk of coronary artery

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14 05, 2016

Will Hypnosis make me quit using tobacco?


Quitting smoking or chewing tobacco are just 2 of the many habits/addictions that are often addressed with Hypnosis.  While teaching Quit Tobacco classes for 4 years I learned much that I like to share with people who might be struggling.  While my classes (through a county Public Health Department) did not include hypnosis, I used tools like Guided Imagery and many people found this very helpful. First let me share with you a few facts that I learned and shared with my students.  There are over 4000 chemicals in cigarettes.  Some have been put there with the sole intention of addicting the brain. 

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2 05, 2016

Consuming your placenta… Really?


What is all this talk about consuming placentas?  When I bring it up in my HypnoBirthing® Childbirth classes I get a real variety of reactions- mostly reservations to outright repulsion.  Then the jokes start flying about keeping it in one’s freezer etc.  It is neither repulsive nor weird.  We are the only mammals who do not naturally consume our placentas.   Once one understands the amazing benefits of doing so, those beliefs about it being weird or gross pretty much dissipate. If you (or someone you know and love) have ever struggled after a difficult birthing with discomfort, low breast milk supply or postpartum

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20 04, 2016

What is your baby’s womb experience?


As a longtime birthing professional and baby advocate, I have grown to accept and understand how powerful the experience of the baby in your womb truly is.  Does it matter if you have a stressful job?  Is it of any concern that you and your partner speak harshly to each other because of the stress in your lives?  What if your house is in the middle of a remodel?  Do any of these things impact the baby in your womb? In my HypnoBirthing® classes, which I have been teaching for the past 17 years, I help pregnant couples become aware of what their

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22 03, 2016

Visualization and Birth


In the 17 years I have been teaching HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education classes, one of my favorite parts is a little experiment I love to perform. In Class I, after the introductions, I ask each parent to talk about their vision for their baby’s birth. Some of the reactions I get remind me of when we were told in college that we’d have an exam the next day!  When the dads sort of relax and sink into the couch thinking this is something the mom is surely meant to answer, I add…”dads too.” I write down all the responses and let them know I

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