Financial Payment Agreement

The cost for the 5 group classes is $375.00. There is a non-refundable $50.00 deposit required at the time you are signing up to reserve your space which you just paid. This goes towards your class cost. The remaining $325.00 balance will be paid when you attend your classes. I accept cash and checks.

If you wish to pay the balance of $325.00 for your HypnoBirthing classes at the first class meeting, please indicate that on this form. Otherwise, please complete the payment schedule below:

I hereby agree to make payments to Debbie Catz, M.S.W., for my HypnoBirthing classes.
Furthermore, I agree to meet my obligation of the $325.00 balance in the following way:

Number of payments (no more than 5) (required)

Dates payment will be made (required)

Amount of each payment to be made (required)

My final payment will be made on (required)

I agree to pay Debbie Catz as outlined above:

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Thank you for enrolling in HypnoBirthing!