Debbie Catz, MSW, CHt

Hello! Let me first say that I love the work I am blessed to be doing in my life. It is an honor to be trusted by my clients and a joy to see the amazing results they achieve through our work together. Whether conceiving a long awaited-for-baby, unlocking the mysteries of past lives to explain pain and loss in a current life, becoming healthier through the healing of self-defeating habits and addictions or helping couples joyfully bring their baby into the world, my work is immensely gratifying.

There are so many warm and wonderful success stories resulting from my long career. A recent favorite story is about a Bay Area woman who, after six weeks of HypnoFertility® work together, realized her dream. While in Hawaii for a break, I received an email with the subject line “I hope you’re checking your emails while on vacation…I’M PREGNANT.”

Debbie truly helped me on a level I had never experienced before…her incredible intuition and compassion made me feel safe and completely at ease..

I’m a Bay Area native and have been a Social Worker for over 35 years. My education, training, personal growth journeys and work experience have shaped the person and professional that I am today. I’ve had extensive experience working with all populations, from children to the elderly, in both the public and private sectors. I earned my Masters Degree in Social Work in 1980 from Sacramento State.

After practicing as a Psychotherapist for 11 years, I chose to move away from that traditional cognitive practice and into the easy, yet powerful, process of hypnosis where people achieve mental, emotional and spiritual healing through the power of their own minds.

Through the use of hypnosis people are empowered to tap into their inner strengths discovering their innate gifts. Healing is often achieved more rapidly than through traditional cognitive therapy because of working with the subconscious mind, a treasure trove of memories, beliefs, gifts, talents, etc.


My Certifications

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy, Wellness Institute, Issaquah, WA, 1996
  • HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Educator, 1999
  • Certified Professional Labor Companion, 2003
  • Fertility Therapist, HypnoBirthing® Institute, Nashua, NH, 2006
  • Past Life Soul Regression Therapist, 2010
  • Between Lives Soul Regression Therapist, Ravenheart Center, Colorado, 2012
  • Fertility Therapist (additional certification) The Fertile Body Method, UK, 2013


As a Clinical Hypnotherapist my intention is to always bring the same deep compassion and commitment to my work that I have for my entire professional life as a Social Worker and Psychotherapist.

Please let me know how I can help you achieve your dreams, whether they be pregnancy or birth related or some other type of empowerment or healing. I look forward to meeting and working with you when you’re ready to commit to the changes you wish to embrace in your life.

By the way, please ask me about sessions via Skype as they are available for some modalities.

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