HypnoFertility creates a fertile state through a mind-body approach

Hypnotherapy for fertility is a holistic approach that manages the emotional and psychological side of fertility problems.

It helps people who have fertility problems; have been diagnosed with unexplained infertility; or are undergoing medical treatments like IVF.

Why choose hypnotherapy to assist with fertility? Because hypnotherapy will transform the stress and anxiety of infertility to a state of calm confidence; address the beliefs that can create blocks to a fertile state; and provide tools, resources and support for couples making their way through medical procedures like IVF.

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I am certified in Hypnotherapy for Fertility by Eastburn HypnoFertility ® and The Fertile Body Method.

What My Clients Say

“After trying to get pregnant for 18 years we, by coincidence, came across Debbie Catz a long way from home. Today we have a beautiful 6 month old daughter and a major part of this is due to the time I spent in Debbie’s office. Debbie is a wonderful person and we will never forget the help she gave us and the part she played in the wonderful new life we have today with our daughter.”
Irene • Oslo, Norway
“I met Debbie during a pretty rough time in my life. Over the prior 2 years I had 9 miscarriages and heard many Doctors inform me that there was no reason for them to happen, that I was healthy (as was my husband) and these were “unexplained” but maybe we should think of looking into a surrogate. That comment hit me like a ton of bricks as I was not ready to give up and knew that there was a simple solution to my issue. So, I found a new Doctor who believed in the mind/body connection and started acupuncture therapy for stress relief. During one session my acupuncturist mentioned hypnotherapy and gave me Debbie’s contact information – that was the best email I ever sent!

Over a 5 month period Debbie and I worked on such issues as stress, fertility, bereavement, past life regression, and most importantly allowing myself to open up and be fully aware of what I wanted and how I was going to work toward becoming a Mom. Debbie, with her ability to completely put you at ease and feel safe and nurtured, allowed me to come to terms with my 9 losses and to refocus myself and see that I could move forward with a healthy pregnancy. Once we found out I was pregnant for the 10th time, this time on complete bed rest and unable to work, I continued my acupuncture twice a week and worked with Debbie once a week until I hit my second trimester. I am happy to say that I am now 19 weeks pregnant and due in May. I honestly believe if it wasn’t for Debbie’s help I would not be where I am now today. I highly recommend her services to everyone and have even sent a few friends over for past life regression therapy!”

Barcley S • Novato, CA
“Debbie has changed my life. Not just with fertility, but with the way I go about my daily living. My perspective on everything has completely changed. I came to Debbie after giving up on trying to conceive my second child. I had been through the ringer. My first child was conceived through IVF on the first try and after going through everything we went through to have a second child, I realize how lucky we were that the IVF worked the first time. If I had met Debbie before trying to conceive my first child, I truly believe that I would never have entered the fertility world.

Trying to conceive our second child, we tried naturally for awhile, we had two failed IVF’s with my own eggs and then moved on to Donor eggs and that failed 3 times. When I came to Debbie, I was completely heartbroken and negative. I couldn’t go through fertility anymore and I still had 3 frozen donor embryos. But I didn’t have the energy, emotion, or finances to try again with those embryos. I knew my attitude had to change before we tried again.

My goal with Debbie was to work towards a healthy perspective on the situation, so I would be better prepared for a frozen embryo transfer at some point. Debbie was very encouraging that I could get pregnant on my own. I was amazed with everything she had to say. I decided to give hypnosis a try, I figured it couldn’t hurt. I asked Debbie to work with me on conceiving naturally first, and if that didn’t work, I would work with her to help me with a frozen embryo transfer.

6 weeks later – seeing Debbie once a week, I was pregnant. I could not believe it! Not only am I writing this 1 week before my due date, but she has just helped me be positive in life. The negativity I was carrying around didn’t help anyone and Debbie helped me to see that.

I can’t recommend Debbie enough. If you are even thinking about heading into the fertility world, try Debbie first. I promise, she will change your life too.”

Kelly • Marin County, California

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